Accounting and Tax Services for Mortgage Broker

With the mortgage market moving faster than ever, mortgage brokers have to move quickly, which in turn means that their accounting and taxes have to keep up the pace. Blue Ocean has the knowledge, experience to protect your business interest and enable you to make smarter, more efficient business decisions. Additionally, with the mortgage market becoming more specialized and specific within the real estate business, you require more bespoke permissions and licences from the Canadian revenue agency so that you can operate legally, and more efficiently across different real estate markets.


All mortgage brokers are required to register themselves federally and provincially before launching their business. They are also required to attain the permits and licenses from the CRA and local administrative authorities, and any failure to acquire these necessary permits and licenses on their part will almost certainly result in fines, or cause their business to be closed.


Our team constantly works one-on-one with you, and your growing business so that we can ensure that you always have the correct permits and licences needed so you can operate within the law, while additionally offering the very best accounting and tax services for your industry.




Our team has years of experience working with mortgage brokers, and their small business upgrading and providing improved accounting and tax solutions. You can call Blue Ocean Accounting & Tax Firm at 1-833-909-1234 or email us at for our no obligation consultation.