Accounting and Tax Services for Medical Clinics

Over the years, we have learned that many medical clinics frequently have problems and glitches with their accounting, taxes and income and expenses. The reason being is that medical staff are indeed by nature, medical professionals and not accounting, tax or finance professions as we are. As our business grew, and we began offering more specialized solutions for various businesses, we created a completely bespoke set of services for medical clinics for the simple reason that their needs are vastly different from other businesses and require a customized approach.


Medical offices are unique in that they are frequently partnerships rather than a single principal. This means that your office requires specific individualized reporting by physician, consolidation of reporting for larger offices and partnerships, and well supporting documents required for all mandatory reporting to the Ministry. We also include a personalized package of services, including:

  • Insurance Billing
  • Patient Billing
  • Contractor Fees
  • Leases Or Rent Payment
  • Expenses
  • Direct Billing Payments from Insurance Companies
  • Payroll




Are you a doctor, medical professional or manager of a medical clinic and seeking a solution to your current accounting and tax platform? You can call Blue Ocean Accounting & Tax Firm at 1-833-909-1234 or email us at for our no obligation consultation.